When you learn to look at life through Biblical Eyes, filtering everything through the Word of God…you will have developed a Biblical Worldview. And, if you look with the eyes of your heart you will see God everywhere.

You know the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and that God entrusted to Adam and Eve the job of caretakers. You know they failed their mission and the whole of creation is now fallen as the animals and the earth groan together bearing the burdens of Mankind’s sins.

So nature is not what it was intended to be when God first created it. However, there is a simplicity and extraordinary beauty to be found in every part of nature, whether animal, insect or plant…even in this fallen world.

We came to the house of butterflies at the Zoo. Oh, so many colors and patterns to their wings, so delicate and beautiful and whimsical. We stood in amazement as they flew around us. They were everywhere. One came up to my face a number of times. I gently blew air in its direction as it came close.

The wind from my mouth served as waves of air that gently pushed it back.

I was reminded how God has promised to each of His Children continued protection by HOLY Angels, if they believed in His Son. The butterflies were all around us, just as the Holy Angels are all around us ministering to each of us, doing the bidding of God. The Holy Angels help us from a realm not seen during our journey through this physical life.

Then when we die our Angel will carry the real us, (Our Spirit) to be with the Lord in Heaven forever. It will be a special ride, a once in a lifetime ride in the arms of a Holy Angel with wings that flutter like the butterflies.

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