An Invitation to Live Forever

In the past I have written about the Big Questions. Who am I, Why am I here, What am I supposed to be doing? This message is about a special Invitation from God to each of us offering the gift of eternal life in Heaven with HIM. The only catch is that you must accept the invitation of your own free will and then RSVP.

This invitation by God comes to us in two ways that reinforce each other. The first invitation comes to you by reaching out to your senses. Every one of the five senses you have; sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell help you experience the creation all around you that God spoke into existence for you.

The song of a bird, the colors of the rainbow in the sky, the smell of flowers in the fields, the touch of the hand of someone you love and the taste of foods you enjoy eating. All these are part of the invitation to know God, for He has created everything for our enjoyment. Yet we take them all for granted, rarely seeing the evidence of the Hand of God all around us.

We ignore this painting of praise, this symphony of worship that the creation lifts up daily to its creator. Everything around us shouts that there is a God who loves; not just His Creation but also the crowning SPECIAL creation He made. That’s…YOU…my friend; because you bear the very image of God.

Mankind does not know His Creator yet the Creation praises its maker every day as the heavens and earth sing praises carried on the winds up to heaven before the very throne of God.

The second invitation comes directly from the Lips of God Himself. It is His Special Revelation of Himself contained ONLY within His Word written down for you to read. His word speaks to your mind with words of eternal life that must take root in your heart. Why, because when you were born your heart was born dormant and needs to be quickened…to come alive within you.

So, please, find that quiet place, that prayer closet I have written about before.
Get alone with God so you can contemplate what I am about to say to you. I want you to know that you can have assurance of going to heaven when you die. That you can literally take the nail pierced hand of Jesus and walk with HIM while you are here on earth and make plans for your future life after death.

We can have peace and assurance from someone greater than you and I. That peace comes from the Son of God, from Jesus ALONE. Put aside the words of religion, put aside the words of your denomination, put aside the words of your preacher, and put aside the comments, the opinions and words of family and friends…because none of them matter. All are hollow and empty words. Unless they contain the TRUE Gospel that SAVES.

You have reached the point in your life when you must understand, that there is ONLY ONE TRUTH that you can place your faith and hope in for life beyond the grave. There is but one person…Jesus who has the words of life for you to hear. He said …I AM the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE…NO one COMES to the FATHER but thru ME.

His Words contained in the New Testament are the very Words of God. His finished work of love just for you on the Cross open’s the way for you to heaven. His Words are the ONLY Words that offer Heaven. If you accept them you have Eternal Security now on Earth before you die. Eternal security is the work of God that guarantees that the gift of Salvation, once received, is forever and cannot be lost!

HIS invitation to live forever requires an RSVP from you to Jesus. You need to accept His death on the Cross for your sins 2,000 years ago. You must believe that Jesus died, was buried and then rose again on the 3rd day as documented historical within the New Testament. You need to believe Him when He said He is coming back again to this earth very soon.

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