Walking in Darkness

Souls Full of Shadows

“There’s a place for us, some where a place for us. Take my hand and I’ll take you there, take my hand and we’re almost there. Somewhere, Somehow, we’ll find a new way of living, we’ll find a way of forgiving…Somewhere.”

These lyrics from the movie Westside Story still haunt me because they represent the heart cry of our human family at the beginning of civilization. Adam and Eve lived with God not by faith but by sight in the Garden, until they fell. Then for the first time in their lives they stood with their children outside the Garden looking in. The entrance was now blocked forever by a Holy Angel with a flaming sword.

Adam and Eve no longer had the privilege of this relationship by sight; walking and talking with their Creator. Now God would become the God who asks each of us to remember Him by Faith alone, because as sin and time progressed we would no longer be able to live by sight. Only the righteous can live by sight and humanity no longer was righteous.

The song lyrics above encapsulate the cry of mankind’s heart. The memory of a place somewhere and a need for forgiveness to go back home was still alive. Because in the beginning of their dispersion they were still human and the vestiges of the knowledge of being made in the Image of God was alive in their minds.

But with the passing of time sin began to run its inevitable course and humanity changed; until every thought they had was evil among them all. And they soon forgot the God who had created them. God had said, “I will not dwell with mankind forever”. The day had now become night. They no longer had light and their minds were focused only on themselves and their own desires. Their Souls became filled with shadows.

They had become followers of the god of this world, a fallen Angel of Light named Lucifer. The darkness soon became so addictive and thick that humanity could taste it and drink it as they now lived within the womb of Sin. They waited, nourished by the umbilical chord of mankind’s deceiver. They waited to be reborn into their Eternal 2nd death.

Humans living in the Lost World now lost the potential for love, kindness, righteousness and the goal of Holiness. Their reflections of Gods character were now gone forever.

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