It is so easy for us to forget our past as individuals and the lessons learned and get caught up in our today and our concerns for our tomorrows. If you take time to remember you will see the footprints of JESUS following behind you. He is there in the background orchestrating events around you trying to get your attention focused on Him. He allows you your wilderness experience to humble you and …to know what is in your heart.

When you came to know Him as Lord and you look behind you; there are still only one set of footprints in the sand. But they belong to JESUS for He has promised to carry you all the way home. Now the path forward is easier because He Leads you.

The 3rd World Christians are poor, they suffer, they starve, they die continually…they have nothing compared to us in terms of worldly goods or Freedom. Yet these Oppressed Christian brothers and sisters have something the western nations seem to lack….True Faith.

God has said that the poor, the widow and the orphan will always be among us. They are the Oppressed that live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, they are the Meek that shall inherit the earth.

When you have nothing, you have a whole lot of nothing to share with others. When you have nothing and you know the One True God, you have a lot of God to share with others because that’s all you have.

Those who have God through His Son Jesus have become the Children of God, and are rich beyond their wildest dreams. Because their Father owns it all and has decided to share everything with those who have nothing but their FAITH…FOREVER.

When it’s all over only three things will have made a difference in the life I have lived for Jesus.

I have fought a good fight.

I have finished MY course

I have Kept the FAITH.


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