Can You Hear HIM Whisper YOUR NAME?

From Grandpa Ernie to ALL I Know and Love. Grandpa Ernie….born in the image of GOD with a Broken Heart in 1947. Given a New Heart that Pumps Royal Blood at 38 years old. Now I am one of the Ancient of Days for whom Heaven gets closer with each passing day. I can only look forward to Heaven, because JESUS CAME to DIE on the CROSS…FOR ME. My Daily Prayer is that You realize before its too late, that HE CAME FOR YOU TOO.

Listen closely, can you hear HIM? JESUS doesn’t shout HE Whispers your name. When HE calls you UP, you will find that your life has been ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY.

Just how important is your memory?

Without it you no longer would be able to function at your job. On your way home you might have forgotten which daycare you left your child at. You may have forgotten to pick up dinner on the way home. But even if you did pick it up you might not remember where home is.

Not being able to remember will cripple you. Without question, memory is the most precious gift we have from God. Memory is the foundation upon which all your senses rest and have meaning. Memory is the realm in which all your emotions exist and are filtered into actions.

Every society and culture throughout time had ways of reminding themselves nationally of memories that have meaning to all their people. Holidays are the way we use to celebrate and remember events that we care about as a nation.

These holidays become traditions etched into the very fabric of our culture and who we are as individual people.

Holidays become days of remembrance that are joined to events of significance we want to honor: Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter, Christmas…even down to our Birthdays honoring the day we received life.

God is aware that we also need ways to remember HIM. For without the establishment of holidays that cause us to remember HIM…we will forget God.

One of the greatest holidays born again Jews and Christians should celebrate together is the Holiday of Passover.

Why would a Christian want to celebrate this Jewish Holiday?

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