THE DAY…you have an appointment with GOD

THE BEMA …the Judgment Seat …the end of my beginning.

There is a hymn with a short phrase that becomes a repetitive refrain. If you have worshipped in a congregation setting you will recognize it.

“I stand…I stand…in Awe of You, I stand…I stand in Awe of You…”
The melody and the words flow over me, much like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. The lyrics refresh my soul and warm my heart because they remind me of whom I serve.

I am reminded of the great lengths God went to reach out to me and to make me His own. To be singing this phrase among hundreds of believers while imagining encountering the Living God who saved us; brings emotions from deep within me I cannot explain. For there are no words.

But this morning as I write to you my imagination finds me not standing in a crowd but alone before the God of Creation. A moment in time yet future. A moment in time when time will no longer be.

Think with me. You live your life out before the gaze of a Holy God. But there is only one time in your life that you will be able to speak to Him face to face. Choose your words wisely for they will reveal your destiny…forever.

So here I stand, suspended on nothing, naked before the Bema, before the God who is Holy, Holy, Holy. The God of Love, yes; but also the God of Justice. God, who required that my life meet not a standard of excellence but of perfection.

A life not one of us can even come close to living out before Him. Meeting His standard is required for entrance into His Perfect Heaven. Not our standard.

Just a millisecond ago I was in my body. Now my body has gone the way of all flesh, back to the dust it was made of. I am what is left. The essence of who I always was and will now continue to be; a soul and spirit.

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