The War Is OVER…

The WAR is OVER…

…however due to the ongoing RESCUE MISSION, the battles
are still intense!

Paradox – “a seemingly contradictory statement that may none – the – less be true.” How can the war be over if the battles still rage? The war started, and time began. The war is now won, but the battle’s will continue till time is no more.

When Jesus roared the words from His Cross, “IT IS FINISHED”, it was finished for HIM, but not for us, HIS ECCKLESIA (HIS called out ones); the Living Stones of HIS ONE TRUE CHURCH…….the Church that HE ALONE IS BUILDING !

JESUS made it clear that for each of us there would be a cross to bear, if we truly followed Him. There is but one thing that proves you’re a follower of Jesus and that is to be obedient and do what He asked you to do.

We are not part of history. We are part of HIS-STORY. You and I are written down on every page. Our calling as believers in Jesus is simply to TELL HIS STORY.

Many people tell me they witness by the way they live their life. Most people walk the talk, but few know how to talk during their walk.

Your family and friends are not saved seeing your walk. They are saved, through the work of the Holy Spirit by hearing your TALK about Jesus and the Cross and their need for Redemption; that Begins with their REPENTING and KNELLING at the Foot of HIS CROSS.

Today the Only Place You Will Find HIS LOVE is at the FOOT of HIS CROSS. Because when JESUS comes the 2nd Time it will be Only in JUDGEMENT…with FIRE IN HIS EYES.

REMEMBER: Step 1 in witnessing is Sharing your God Story, your coming to faith in Jesus with your loved ones. Then planting good seed from the Old and New Testament Scriptures; as you pray the HOLY SPIRIT will open their hearts to the TRUTH. Always, Speak the Truth in Love.


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