ISRAEL, Gods Prophetic Time Clock

When I became a believer, people used to ask me how I can believe that the Old & New Testament is the actual Word of God. I would get into lengthy discussions trying to bring multiple proofs into the arguments that often ensued.

However, most people were biblical illiterates that never read the Bible.

Then I would be asked about the reliability of Prophecy in the Word of God. Again, no matter how much proof I would provide, many would not believe and would want to argue about my statement that I believed, because I could prove the Bible is True; based on History, Archeology, Science and most of all Prophecy.

This caused even more divisions; because the people were biblically illiterate and had never read the Word of God. We had nothing in common to speak about.

TODAY if you were to ask me how I can believe the Bible is the Word of God and The ONLY Truth for mankind to believe, I would only use One Word to prove that God Keeps HIS PROMISES and that His Word is True.

That One Word, that sums up EVERYTHING is the word JEW.
In 1948 after 2,600 years GOD breathed life back into a nation long ago buried in the sands of time and ISRAEL again; took its place among the nations of the earth. AND Jerusalem, the City of GOD, is now a cup of trembling for the world.

I would say to all that doubt the Word of GOD in the Old & New Testament to begin reading yourself.

You will experience both Shock & AWE and hopefully when you come to the end of the Book of REVELATION; you will fall face down in the Judean Dirt before HIS CROSS crying out …..


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