Come Ride the Christmas Train


I stepped out on the balcony tonight. It’s 11 pm. The Sun went to sleep earlier and now the Moon reflects the light of the Sun onto the scene before me.

The night can be so very beautiful. The sky is clear with an explosion of pinpoints of light…the stars are everywhere. As I behold this scene I recall that the Heavens declare the Glory of the Lord.

Its December 14, 2008, the wind is still, yet I am cold, very cold standing out here on the balcony. I can reach out before my face and touch my breath.
The landscape lit by moonlight is both beautiful and eerie. Shadows seem to come alive in my mind as I survey the shadow lands before me.

Finally I can hear it coming, just a pinpoint of light, but growing ever larger as it gets closer. I signed up for this trip year’s ago, but the disclaimer on the contract said the train would not come for me until I had matured in my Faith and finally could let go of everything that tied me down to earth.

You see this is a special trip for believers who have peace on earth among the storms and have written on their hearts
“The Lord is my ROCK, The Lord is my FORTRESS, The Lord is my DELIVER, and He RESCUED me.

I am standing waiting on a second floor balcony for the CHRISTmas Train to pull up next to me. In years past I watched as this train of light passed me by. You see I still had too many burdens that weighed me down. My attitude was wrong and I rarely looked up in anticipation of His coming.

Now I know more than ever who HE is and each day of life that He has granted me I take seriously in terms of my calling, which is to serve HIM Faithfully.

So now this CHRISTmas Train filled with light is stopping in front of my balcony so I can get on and take the trip of a lifetime. This trip is a virtual trip “Back to the Future”………You can find the rest of this story on Go to the Category Christmas and find “The Christmas Train”.

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