Scripture was written by God to reveal Himself. It is the only authoritative and absolutely reliable record of man’s origin, dilemma, salvation and destiny. It serves as man’s only moral and spiritual standard. God inspired every word of the original manuscripts, and they were without error in every detail.

The Bible is the only completely trustworthy source of knowledge about God. Man cannot learn all he needs to know about God from human reason, philosophy or even experience. God alone is the source of the knowledge about Himself, and He has chosen to reveal Himself in the Old and New Testaments, HlS HOLY BIBLE, and in no other book.

3 things to remember as you walk the Narrow Road Home to Heaven:

Don’t be afraid:
Too many of us are afraid to witness to people.
Too many of us are intimidated by non-believers.
Too many of us have weak faith and live in anxiety.

Don’t forget:
We forget who we are in Christ.
We forget that the Battle is His.
We forget that the Ending has been written and WE are on the Winning Side.

Don’t be ashamed:
Don’t ever be ashamed to say the name of the one who died for you. Don’t ever be afraid to defend HIM when people or worse your friends misuse HIS name. Don’t ever be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Jesus promises:
To be with you, always…in every situation.
The Battle is already won. No one can hurt you.
The Bible says “if God is for you, who can stand against you!

Jesus bought and paid for you…your orders are clear…don’t stand on the sidelines…get into the Battle!

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