The Tri-Unity of God is established through the very words in Hebrew used by GOD to speak of HIMSELF in the Old Testament. He is more than one!

  • In the beginning GOD (elohim). Adding im makes His name plural.
    •God made man in OUR image like US. He did not say like ME.
    •The Shema, statement of Israel’s faith in the ONE true God.

“Hear O Israel the Lord our God is ONE (Echad – a plural of the same kind or
essence). The Hebrew word Yahid could have been used by God. It means
ONE singular, alone, no one like me.

Today, the God of Israel is waiting to be wanted not just by Israel but by the Nations of the Earth. The MESSIAH BELONGS TO EVERYONE…not just the Nation of Israel.

Please understand THIS about the Jewish People. Israel is GOD’s Prophetic Time Clock. Israel is a nation that has been destroyed, re-gathered, and has re-emerged in time as the focus of world attention.

Its capitol Jerusalem is indeed a cup of trembling for the world. Jerusalem belongs to GOD ALONE and HIS SON JESUS is coming back to TAKE IT BACK FOREVER !

There will NEVER be Peace in Jerusalem until the PRINCE of PEACE YESHUA / JESUS Comes Back AGAIN. My prayer for Jerusalem is “EVEN SO COME LORD JESUS”.

NO OTHER NATION EXISTS as a declaration to the world that in the records of her history, we find our roots and in the predictions of her prophets we find our future.


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