What is a Marriage?

It begins as a precious moment in time. Two single threads are Cross Stitched together to become one whose purpose is to Honor ALMIGHTY GOD and begin a family. Then as time goes by these two threads are woven together… into the tapestry of life… that represents their unfolding story together.

A new story, that begins on the first page… of the first chapter of their Book of Life as a husband and wife. This new story will represent their Greatest Adventure of life here on Earth. However life, to be enjoyed in its fullest sense… is made up three not two. The third Person is our TRIUNE GOD. Each of us are ordinary people… in the hands of our Extraordinary GOD.

The Father God, who wants to be part of every detail of your life together as you both live out your lives before HIM. God said in the Old Testament “I knew you before I planned creation”… and God said in the New Testament…”I chose you when I planned Creation”.
God knew both of you before the foundations of the world were made… and HE has a plan for each of your lives… as you build your future together here on Earth. His wish for both of you is to have lives filled with Peace, and Hope, and Faith, and Love.

These are the 4 pillars upon which you will build your home.
But the Greatest of these is LOVE. God has called you to love one another because…
True Love will never fail. For this to happen… God must have first place in your relationship. Then both of you will learn that LOVE conquers all …because you will learn to have a relationship based on Forgiveness.

May the Almighty God bless and keep you… as you walk hand in hand before HIM …as Best Friends… in this journey we call life. May God grant you both, His Peace – His SHALOM, as He continues to Bless and protect you… under the shadow of HIS Mighty Wings.

May the Holy Spirit shed His light into your minds and heart’s…giving you an ever-growing knowledge of the True nature of The ONE True Triune God …as you spend time together with HIM in the Book He wrote about Himself and you.

Learn to pray always giving GOD thanks for your Blessings… and calling out to HIM in the Storms of life…should they appear. And May the Son of God, Jesus, become so real to both of you …that you will hear the sound of HIS Voice …and you will feel the touch of HIS Nail Scarred Hands as HE extends them out to each of you saying to you both…

COME… Follow ME all the way home to Heaven…where you will never be separated…but will live together for Eternity.

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