Holidays OR HOLYdays ?

Do You Celebrate the Worlds holidays…OR…Do You Celebrate the HOLY-days of Our TRIUNE GOD ?

The Fall Season has always represented the Harvest. A time, when we are reminded of the faithfulness and the Common GRACE of GOD to meet the NEEDS of Humanity with His Bounty of FOOD from His earth.

The Fall Season is also a reminder of the heart cry of God to the people who claim His Son as Savior, to labor in the fields of His Harvest planting seeds into the hearts of those they love; so they can go to heaven and not stand before a Holy God in Judgment.

So rather than prepare your hearts to celebrate Satans holiday of Darkness called Halloween, why don’t you instead prepare your hearts for the HOLYday of LIGHT;  GOD the FATHER’S  HOLYday of CHRISTmas.

When… THE LIGHT… came into our world of Darkness and one small voice cried out with tears for His Creation from a stable in Bethlehem. And one small clenched fist was raised in the air in triumph, because HE / JESUS would finish what was planned in Eternity Past by HIS FATHER.

JESUS was born to walk in the world in the Flesh as EMMANUEL (GOD with Us)…so that you may hear His voice, see His miracles and know that HE IS The SON of GOD.

Who came to die for you, to RESCUE you from yourself and eternal judgment; so that if you Believe in Him…. you Will Have ETERNAL Life.

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