The Few & THE MANY

Ear Tickling Here door:

Great illustration of the growth of the APOSTATE END TIMES CHURCH. Their pastor prepares meals for their souls brought in from the Bakery and Candy department from the local grocery store.

The crowd comes because they get candy, cookies and assorted muffins. They only like to hear Sweet things that tickle their ears. What they don’t know is that the food they are getting will only nourish their bodies not their souls.

This church is a building without life. JESUS does not attend this church. The Gospel that is preached has no teeth and does not call for REPENTANCE, nor does it ever speak about HELL or HEAVEN. This church has ABANDONED CHRIST ! This church is all about the pastor who is lifted up higher than THE LORD !

The EAR Tickler’s are being prepared to JOIN the LARGEST CHURCH in the World. The ONE WORLD APOSTATE CHURCH that the Anti-Christ the FALSE MESSIAH will bring to life to worship himself. He will stand in the HOLY of HOLY’S within the NEW TEMPLE that Israel has announced they WILL BUILD on the TEMPLE MOUNT. He will turn to face the cameras that will broadcast this church service to the world; and declare himself to be god.

Faithful Bible Preaching Here door:

Great Illustration of the The LIVING STONES (it’s People) that make up the TRUE CHURCH of BORN AGAIN BELIEVERS in JESUS. Jesus attends this church. Their Shepard takes seriously his call to FEED the SHEEP that JESUS gave him to protect and nourish. The FEW come on Sunday to get a CUP of COOL WATER from Jesus Himself as the Pastor preaches The WORD of GOD in an EXPOSITORY manor rather than Bits and Pieces of the Bible or Scripture out of context so the pastors OPINIONS are looked at as truth.

This Pastor preaches the TRUE and LIVING GOSPEL that SAVES. He is preparing his flock so they have discernment about the Second Coming of Jesus and what is soon coming to this earth.

2 messiahs: JESUS the True Messiah and Anti-Christ the False messiah
2 doors: One door opens to Heaven the other to HELL.
2 crosses: One on either side of the Crucified Christ. One cross leads to
heaven and One cross leads to Hell.
2 crowds : The Many on their way to Hell, but they do not know or understand
that.The FEW have been saved by accepting the Life, Death,
Resurrection, Ascension and 2ND COMING of JESUS the
2 choices: One is wrong and the other is RIGHT. Both have consequences.

If you cannot get your mind around this, simply know that living on a diet of candy, cookies and assorted muffins will kill your body and NOT TRANSFORM YOUR SOUL.

CHOOSE WISELY. Because the TRUE GOD, JESUS is finished shedding HIS TEARS over You. HE is Coming back with FIRE IN HIS EYES.

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