The people of earth have continued to perish since the FLOOD, because there has been and still is a famine in the land of the Word of God….UNTIL THE BIRTH OF JESUS.

Then the word became Flesh and Jesus the Jewish Messiah walked among His People Israel ….UNTIL THE CROSS.

Then God who opened the way to HIMSELF through the Death of His Son, the God who with HIS finger tore open the veil in the Holy of Hollies as easily as He wrote the 10 Commandments with His finger in Stone; also allowed the Temple in Jerusalem to be destroyed in 70 A.D by the Romans.

Ending once and for all Time the Jewish Sacrificial System for atonement.

The purification process of His people Israel with fire and pain and suffering throughout the centuries continues today. Suffering that will continue throughout time, until the End Times are over and the Book of Revelation is closed. Yet God would always provide for Himself a REMNANT, a few Jews in each generation to call upon His Holy Name.

God took the nation of Israel off the world stage. Then God raised up Christianity, born out of the blood soaked womb of the Cross of Christ. God again had created a new group of believers to carry the torch of truth to the nations about the Messiah; His Son Jesus.

God appointed the Apostle Paul, a Jew to take the smoldering embers of Jewish evangelism to the nations of the earth and turn it into a raging fire through the power of the Holy Spirit who placed it into the Church that Jesus Himself would build out of Living Stones (Believers in Christ).

GOD IS NOT FINISHED WITH THE NATION OF ISRAEL. Israel is on the World Stage finishing out the Script that GOD has written in Eternity Past.

The final curtain is about to open. And the LION of the Tribe of Judah, is about to come back ONLY in JUDGMENT, with FIRE IN HIS EYES. HE brings with HIM NO MERCY, NO GRACE and NO HOPE for the LOST Who Will Experience Their 2nd DEATH for ETERNITY.

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