Do you realize that throughout the centuries GOD used human voices to speak to HIS creatures, HIS created human beings? Voices, that spoke of HIM, and for HIM. Voices that brought Joy and Sorrow to billions of people throughout time.

Those human voices were the Old Testament Prophets.
John the Baptist, was the last Old Testament prophet that God used as a voice in the wilderness reaching out to His nation Israel but in essence reaching out to the nations of the world because; HIS WORDS are for all the nations of the earth to hear, throughout all of time.

John the Baptist had the shortest message of any prophet. His message was redundant. John hammered on the phrase REPENT for your REDEMPTION draws near! Two words…Repent and Redemption; that most everyone does not understand; because they simply cannot relate to the fact that they live daily as sinners before the eyes of GOD. Maybe I can help you to understand a little.

GOD is HOLY; HE cannot look at your sin nature that you and I were born with. GOD is writing down every thought and action you ever had and will ever have till you stand alone before HIM. It represents your story, your history. Every word, thought and deed is recorded and will convict you, sentencing you to the WRATH of GOD.

Yes GOD is love, but GOD is also Wrath! That’s why you and I desperately need to be Saved…. we need a SAVIOR! When I ask someone “Did you know you NEED to be Saved? The usual comment is …Saved from what?

The world and its people are Biblical illiterates.

Simply put they have no first hand bible knowledge. Oh you may go to church and hear bits and pieces of Scripture. In fact you may feel your Pastor/ Priest / Rabbi / Cleric / Reverend or whatever has more charisma than the Jesus of the Old and New Testament.

If SO that is Truly, Truly SAD. You are enamored with the words of small men who cannot save themselves or you from a HOLY GOD or the Wrath to come.

You never have sat down and spent the time to read the entire Bible so that GOD can talk to you through it.

When God tells you that HE knows the End from the Beginning. HE is telling you that you are participating throughout your entire life in the Story that HE has Pre-Written.

When Jesus said I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. He supported the statement of His Father. He also is telling you that you are participating in HIS-Story not human history.

You are an eternal created being, and if you spend time in the word of God you will find yourself on its pages. The Bible is the Story of the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve and the relationship each human being MUST have with the SON of GOD to live in Heaven with HIM or you will live in hell without HIM.

Your choices tie you to either JESUS or to the satan the temporary god of this physical world you live in.

So Protect yourself and your children from one television show after another that continues to blatantly portray evil. And recognize that the News on TV daily continues to bring the reality of evil and its growing presence and existence among us. Evil is everywhere. Our world lives in Darkness. The light you see from the Sun is an illusion. The True Light, SON-LIGHT will soon be here. Then everyone who walks in the Darkness will go to The Place of Darkness Forever.

PLEASE: WAKE up, LOOK around, PROTECT the minds and hearts of yourself and your children. BECAUSE: You can read the END back to the BEGINNING of the Story of Humanity/ Mankind and see when you get to the Book of REVELATION what GOD has planned for all those that do not KNOW and LOVE the Coming of HIS SON.

So put on the Armor of GOD, which is HIS Written Word, fill your mind and your heart with His Words and His Words will Light Up your Soul and protect you from what is coming.

BEFORE JESUS COMES: Someone else will show up. He is known as the false messiah, the Anti-Christ. He lives among us today, waiting for his curtain call to take the world with him to hell. Written on his forehead, invisible to all of biblical illiterate humanity, yet plain to see by those with Biblical Knowledge will be the phrase….


YOU need to read the GREATEST STORY  ever told contained within the pages of the Old and New Testaments. YES, both are History. But in Truth they are HIS-STORY. The Story of JESUS, the SON of GOD.

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