There have been times when I could not feel His presence. They were times in the desert, when He seems to be silent.

These were the times I had let go of His hand, times when I did not call on His Name. Yet even then I knew He is there, always waiting patiently to be wanted. Always with an extended hand reaching out for me to take hold of.

Even people of Faith can get lost sometimes during this journey called life. Although we cannot loose our Salvation, we can decide to stray from His chosen path for us and let go of His hand for a while.

That is why it’s been so important for me to reflect on life and the past. It has been said that only through pain do we receive wisdom. Before I believed in Jesus I faced storms alone. These were the times when I experienced the Silence of God.

The waves of the sea grew up before me like mountains. The tears that continually flowed from my eyes were dried back by the howling winds. The thunder absorbed the cries of my heart. The lightning shown around me only to illuminate the darkness that surrounded me with no escape…I was alone. I was not a True Seeker of the ONE TRUE GOD. The God who only hears the cries and prayers of those who SEEK HIM, with all their heart, soul and mind.

These were the storms of life I faced before I knew Jesus as my Savior and Lord. People think when they become a believer that the storms end. For me they only grew worse. But now I was no longer alone in the storm, because the HOLY SPIRIT lived within me.

Jesus wipes my tears not with the howling wind but with the gentle touch of His hands. He hears my heart cries and reminds me that He never promised there would be no storms, only that He would be with me in the storms. When the lightning flashes it does not illuminate the darkness around me but shines on the path I need to walk on to get through the storm.

As in the poem Footprints, when I look back on the path through the storm I only see one set of footprints. They do not belong to me, they belong to my Savior who has lovingly borne me up and carried me through the storm.


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