Who Do You Worship?

I too as a young believer celebrated Halloween. As the years continued and I became immersed in Scripture, its TRUTH brought me face down in the Judean dirt before JESUS on HIS CROSS.

The problem is lack of discernment, both within the pulpits and then within the congregation. But when we truly understand the spiritual battle that rages around us and we truly understand our Salvation and to whom we belong. Then there is no tolerance for walking in the shadows among the non-believing people all around us. Especially the Carnal Christians we have as friends who let go of the hand of Jesus and walk along the shadows of the Narrow Road.

WHY you say? Because our testimony becomes a stumbling block and our actions and words regarding our faith in Christ do not line up to those we witness to.

Too many Christians walk daily in both the light of this world and the shadows of this world. Yet few wake up with Joy in the Morning walking only in the SON-SHINE.

Proverbs 22:6 “TRAIN UP A CHILD in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Many Parents raise their Children in Confusion so they easily walk in the shadows, wanting to be part of the crowd, but not willing or able to Stand Alone for JESUS.

Your child wants to be like you. They closely watch what you do and say. They are raised first in Your Image. Your actions speak louder than words to them. Yet you know Christian that a point comes in the future when they need to understand who Jesus is and that they were made in eternity past in the Image of GOD, and that they need to be SAVED from HIS JUDGMENT.

Yet when they are older and begin searching for JESUS, to understand JESUS, they will go back first in their minds and review Your Life, Your Walk of FAITH; to see if your actions support your words of Faith.

You, Christian Parent are the first SHEPHERD your Child will know.

Don’t Become a STUMBLING BLOCK to the Precious Soul GOD has entrusted to you so they make the wrong decisions and follow their friends on the wide road to Hell.

If you worship the Birth of the Son of God Jesus during the HOLY Day of CHRISTmas; then who are you teaching your child to worship by Celebrating the Holiday of Halloween?


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