Dear Pastor, the Signs are ALL AROUND YOU,

WHY do you continue to teach Christian Lite instead of the LIGHT of CHRIST. There is a famine in our land, but not of food, but for the Word of GOD !

To many of you focus only on the Love of Christ– teaching a Gospel without teeth. A Gospel that is devoid of Repentance. A Gospel that will not save.

Before you can love God you must first learn to FEAR GOD. Love and Judgment are the 2 sides of our God. Both must be Proclaimed and Taught. The church today does not preach judgment, yet that is what is next on Gods Prophetic Agenda.

There are 2 sounds that will continue to echo throughout this current Universe until GOD UN-Creates it with global fire purging the entire earth of sin, then re-creating a pure and HOLY New Earth and Universe ONLY for HIS Children to inhabit.

The first is the Voice of JESUS when HE Cried out “IT IS FINISHED”. JESUS put the entire Universe on Alert that the END is COMING. The only Creatures that trembled in fear when they heard His final cry from the Cross were the Fallen Angels and their king, the god of this world. The phrase “It Is Finished” continues to echo in the wind that circles the earth…it is but a whisper that can be heard only by those who SEEK the TRUE GOD with ALL their heart and mind.

The second will be the sound of a Trumpet. This will be the loudest sound NEVER HEARD by most of humanity. The Trumpet will only be heard by those whose dead hearts have been circumcised, born again and now pump Royal Blood, because they are the Living Stones of Christ’s Church, they are the Children of the COMING KING.

The Trumpet will sound and Believers in Jesus around the world will disappear from the earth at the same time. The Trumpet will not be heard by human ears that do not SEEK TRUTH, but only by the HEARTS of those who watch the Heavens and are anxiously crying out daily… “Even So COME LORD JESUS”.

JESUS came first to His Cross; that is the only place you will find HIS LOVE, but HE is coming back the 2nd time showing NO MERCY, bringing NO HOPE for all that are left behind. HIS eyes were filled with tears of compassion the first time. HIS eyes will be filled with Righteous Fire as HE comes back without love…only in JUDGMENT.

There are not many days left to sound the alarm to those that desperately need to hear the Gospel so they can Repent of their Sins. YOU, Pastor are not only called to be a Shepherd to HIS FLOCK, but a Watchmen on the Wall.

Let it not be said of you — that You can discern the weather; but cannot discern the times and seasons written in HIS WORD.

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