Dead End Coming…turn Right or turn Left?


I was driving down a road. There was a sign at its end coming towards me. The road I was driving on ended at a Dead End. It reminded me of demonic angels and the fact that for them the sign “DEAD END” is just that.

It is the end that they chose for themselves. God allowed them the freedom to choose…even if that choice meant an eternity of damnation without HIM.

Angels existed before time began and will exist when time is no more.
They freely walked the streets of Heaven in fellowship with others of
their kind. They communed with their Creator who made each of them
unique and knew each of them individually by name.

The moment came when the traitor among them drew 1/3 of them away from the God who made them; with lying words that seemed true. They like us who were created after them; were given the freedom by their Creator to choose eternal Life with HIM or eternal Death without HIM.

This angelic minion of evil, decided to follow their leader Lucifer (Son of the Morning)…an Archangel, the Highest creation by God to that point; in a revolt against the “Most High God”.

There is no redemption for fallen angels; they are twice dead.

Please know and understand that it is not God who damns anyone.
That privilege is given to you; it is part of your free will.

I could no longer travel the road ahead for it was a DEAD END. But I could either go to the right or the left….I had a choice to make.

I made mine May 25, 1985 at 6:30 pm……have you made yours?

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