HIS TEARS….Your Heart

ANGELS Praise HIM for His HOLINESS…for that is all they know.
BELIEVERS Praise HIM for His GRACE & MERCY… for that truly is all they know.

YES, His love is great, for He is Love. But His Holiness demands Justice.
And HE Will NOT BE MOCKED. Here is something for you to consider.

Today you have Time, but Tomorrow you will have Eternity….yet your Time is running out. The same finger of GOD that wrote the 10 Commandments in Stone has drawn a line in the Judean sand. Look down while you live in Time to see which side of the line you are standing on?
You are either For HIM or Against HIM. Gods Layaway Plan, “Sin Now, Pay Later” will come due at a Time when you least expect it.

2,000 years ago when God walked among us in the fullness of time, He wept tears older than the world.

“Jesus wept them …for YOU”. If you are not yet One of HIS, may you truly SEEK the ONE TRUE GOD, with all your Heart, Mind and Strength.

If you are One of HIS, then may the Peace and Grace of the Lord JESUS the Messiah, the Christ, the SON of GOD be with you…..as you hold HIS NAIL SCARRED HAND….. as you walk up the Narrow Road to Heaven in the SON_SHINE.

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