Abrahamic Covenant (Defined)

GOD CUT A COVENANT WITH HIMSELF on behalf of Abraham who was the first Jew who by faith became righteous before his God. God promised to make a nation of Abraham so vast that their number would be like the sands on the seashore or the stars in the heavens.

The completion of that promise would come through an ETERNAL LIVING REMNANT made up of both Jewish and Christian Believers in Jesus the Jewish Messiah. People groups made up of all nations, tribes and tongues of the earth that would populate the Kingdom of God for all eternity.

GOD HAS NOT CHANGED nor has His word or His Covenant Promises to the Nation of Israel.

And So Israel was called by God to be a light to the nations who lived in darkness. But Israel chose not to obey; instead they lived in the shadows and turned the word of God into a Religion of Dead Men based on works righteousness rather than on FAITH through a relationship with the Son of God…their Messiah.

First the Pharisees and now the Rabbi’s lifted up their own words higher than the Words of the Living God…AND THEY STILL DO THIS TODAY.

Israel was the only nation on the earth with whom God chose to walk with and talk to through Patriarchs like Abraham, Moses, and David and through the Prophets like Enoch, Isaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Hosea, Amos, Zechariah, and Malachi.

Israel had to choose over and over again between BLESSINGS AND CURSES.

They chose their own will and ways that only brought Curses. So God blinded the Jews in Isaiah 9:6 and the nation of Israel lost their privilege of bearing the light of the one true faith before the world on behalf of the One True and living God.

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