The Mercy Seat


I found the image of the Ark of the Covenant 28 years ago. A friend of mine designed the image of the Cross within the Star of David on the background of a Red Ruby. This was to be a ring. I could not afford to have the ring made. I combined the symbol with the Ark because it represents the Birth of Christianity out of Judaism at the Cross.

The Symbol represents JESUS sitting on the Mercy Seat on the Ark. The nation of Israel once a year on Yom Kippur would send in one high priest with the blood from the sacrifice that was sprinkled on the mercy seat. It took 150 priests on either side of the Veil to open it enough to let one priest inside to do this. God allowed the destruction of the temple in 70 AD which ENDED the Jewish Sacrificial System forever.

However it will be back for the beginning 3.5 years of the Tribulation when the World and the Nation of Israel accept Satan’s False Messiah / Anti-Christ. And the False Messiah makes a 7 year peace pact between Israel and its enemies in the Middle East. (This is the main end times sign we all should be looking for). The most important Book of the Bible for each of you to read today is the One that GOD promises a blessing to you if you read it…..Book of Revelation.

The Blessing is that you will understand you have no future without accepting Christ as your Savior. Then you will FEAR the LIVING GOD enough so you will Repent of your Sins, and ask JESUS the SON of GOD to SAVE YOU from what is coming to planet earth

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