Like most students you have relied on sketchy notes and opinions, rather than study the course material in depth for yourself. That is why I am willing to bet YOUR LIFE that you will flunk your final exam!

In the school of life we pass or fail according to our own human standards.

In the school of death we will pass or fail according to GOD”s standards.

I would suggest that you pick up a copy of the Word of God, the Bible, the Scriptures, the very Autobiography of GOD….the Words HE wrote to you personally; and seriously begin reading. You will find that GOD has pre-written history and that you were included on many pages.

However, you will find that it is not the history of humanity that has been written, but HIS-Story. The Story of the SON of GOD….JESUS.

Study as if your eternal life and destination depend on your answering correctly the questions that JESUS will ask you when you stand alone before HIM…because they do!

If you pass you will die once. But if you fail HIS exam (your final exam), you will die a second death!

Your time left to complete reading and studying the course material is running out.

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