History is HIS – STORY

Historically, has Anyone Fulfilled the Messianic Prophecies in the Old Testament?

Before we can answer this question, I want you to do something for me. Get out the New Testament, which is the actual New Covenant that God promised the Nation of Israel in Jeremiah 31:31. Carefully examine the following Scripture’s, comparing the Old Testament to the New Testament. I am sure you will see that no one else in all of history other than Jesus, has fulfilled these Messianic prophecies.

He will be born of a virgin (Isaiah 7:14, See Matthew 1:23)
He would live in Nazareth of Galilee ( Isaiah 9:1,2; See Matthew 2:23; 4:15,16)
His birth would bring the massacre of Bethlehem’s children (Jeremiah 31:15; See Matthew 2:18)
His mission would include the Gentiles (Isaiah 42:1-3,6; See Matthew 12:18-21)
His ministry would include physical relief (Isaiah 61: 1,2; See Luke 4:16-21)
He would be the Shepherd struck with the sword, resulting in the sheep being scattered (Zechariah 13:7; See Matthew 26:31, 56; Mark 14:27, 49, 50)
He would be betrayed by a friend for 30 pieces of silver (Zechariah 11: 12, 13; See Matthew 27: 9,10)
He would be given vinegar and gall to drink ( Psalm 69:21; See Matthew 27:34)
He would eventually be presented with all dominion over all peoples, nations and men of every language (Daniel 7;13 14 See Revelation 11:15)
He would be hated without a cause (Psalm 69:4; Isaiah 49:7 See John 15:25)
He would be rejected by the rulers (Psalm 118:22 See Matthew 21:42; John 7:48)

There are 445 more prophecies fulfilled by Jesus that I have not listed here for you to look up and study.

The evidence in the Hebrew Scriptures both Old and New Testament proves that Jesus is the Messiah. God alone gave this prophetic evidence hundreds of years in advance so the Nation of Israel would recognize their Messiah the 1st time.

The answer to the opening question in this study is YES and HIS Name is Yeshua, Jesus the CHRIST. The Scriptures teach that the Messiah gave HIS Life by paying the penalty of divine justice that was due our individual sin.

History is HIS-Story.

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