FOOD for Your SOUL


One Book, 66 Meals for your Soul

Christian authors wrote all the books I have in my library about the Living Word of God. They represent the words of men trying to explain the Word of God. I like you probably go back to those human books a multitude of times when compared to the times I actually pick up my Bible and read Gods Words.

We do this because it’s easier to read the exposition of someone we trust rather than read Gods Word and chew on it to gain the spiritual nutrition designed by its creator to nourish our soul.

The author of life has chosen to tell us the story of life and about HIMSELF in HIS Book. The story appropriately begins in the first chapter. It begins in the Book of Genesis…the Book of Beginnings and culminates in the Book of Revelation…the Book of NEW Beginnings.

God has also given us attributes consisting of our 6 senses (the 6th being the Holy Spirit within us) and the ability to love and to hate. In our fallen state both the ability to love and to hate have been grossly distorted. I reference hate in the sense of righteous anger. We are incapable of expressing righteous anger because we are not HOLY.

And at the same time the love that we have is always conditional as opposed to the Love of God. When we become perfected in heaven, Love “the greatest of these” will swallow hate and it will be no more.

Share your God Story with someone you know and then tell The Greatest Story Ever Told…HIS Story…the Story of Jesus the Christ… and then take them to HIS CROSS.

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