HIS WILL for you is simple. It has never changed.

As a believer you no longer walk this road alone. You are always in the company of the Holy Spirit who is IN you and empowers you and guides you on your journey home. This journey of life you are on has a predetermined purpose designed by God for you.

God’s promise of life to you means more than this short physical life you now have. He promises you that you are an eternal being and that your life will never end. He created you to live forever.

You may have ailments in this life like cancer or you may be poor or you may have your health and be rich. No matter what your circumstances are you will not die until the plan and the purpose of God for you is completed.

God uses everything and everyone, both good and evil, all for His Good Purposes. If you’re a believer in JESUS, you will live your entire life under the wings and the shadow of protection of Almighty God.

Not only do you have the Holy Spirit within, guiding you. But you also have Holy Angels that surround you, defending you in a dimension that is true reality as opposed to this temporary physical dimension we live in.

The Word of God was given to us to learn from the examples of people who walked these roads before us. Their stories represent life lessons for us to review and benefit and grow from. They have conquered life’s adversities. You could say that they made it out of life alive. They have already died so they can live for ETERNITY in HEAVEN.

Our Bible is the only true book of Hope given by a Father to His children so they might always remember Him. We need to remember that He has been with us since before we were born and will be with us after this physical life is over.

For like Him we too are Eternal and will have never ending life. So in a real sense you my friend are invincible. You will not die until the last second of the plan God has created for you is finished.

That plan has to do with the WILL of God for your life. No, it’s not for a new car, or new job or new home. It’s not for clothes or all the things this world seduces believers with. His WILL is simple. It has never changed. His WILL is for you to share the Gospel…to make disciples. That is the supreme mission in this life. We live solely to plant the True Gospel into the hearts of all those within the reach of our hands and the sound of our voice.

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