The burden within my soul to share the Gospel is the greatest burden I have on my heart. This burden is the one that I will carry all the way with me to when I stand before JESUS. As He reviews each time He opened a door for me to witness that I did not go through I will shed uncontrollable tears.

We will be judged not only by what we did for JESUS, but also by what we did not do for JESUS.

Tears that His hands will wipe away, so that final burden will be released. I will enter His Kingdom leaving behind the memories of all those people I loved that never knew JESUS as their LORD and SAVIOR.

But for now, I am here, and I am constantly reminded that Today is the Day of Salvation. I cannot do anything for those I love that have died without knowing their Savior.

But today is mine….

And today is yours…

And today belongs to those you love…

My prayer for us is that we use the day well…for HIM…

As a child of 7… I would impatiently ask my earthly Father during the 6 hour car ride to Mackinaw City in Michigan… “Are we there yet, are we there yet….”

The same is now true of me as an impatient Believer, as I see pre-written history unfold before my eyes exactly as predicted. I watch the road signs fly by faster and faster during my journey home to Heaven. Each sign announces His Second and Final coming with anticipation to those that know HIM.

The last Words…Gods Words…spoken of in this monumental epic story which is History…which is really HIS – STORY, the story of JESUS… from the Book of Genesis (the Book of Beginnings) through to the last Book of Revelation (the Book of New Beginnings) are all true; from the first Words “In the beginning” to the last Word “AMEN”.

Revelation 22:20

“He (Jesus) who testifies to these things (the end times revelation of the sequences of prophetic events) says…Surely (there is no doubt) I AM coming quickly”. AMEN (let it be so)

Even so (just as you described), Come (Quickly), Lord (My Sovereign KING) Jesus (HIS name means SALVATION).

Have you been SAVED?

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