The Old One’s day began early with the dawn. Clothed in animal skins he walked out from among his people; out from the inner recesses of his cave dwelling towards the sunlight. He paused at the cave mouth and turned back to his family as they knelt to the ground.

Then on their behalf he moved out of the shadows into the light to greet the gods they served who waited for him at the High Places. Look behind him; there attached to his foot is the shadow of the darkness from the cave he came out of. It has its own life and clings to his body as he moves forward into the sunlight.

The Old One was the priest of his family. It was his responsibility to pray at the dawning of each day to the visible gods of the Sun, Moon, Stars, Rain, and Fire. He stands in the sunlight, at the top of the high place, with arms raised to the sky, chanting and praising the creation, answering the shrill cry of an eagle overhead

Then he prayed to the unknown god of the Wind; it came as it pleased and went without his knowledge. He could feel its touch, but the god remained invisible.

Then the Old One began calling to his family to come out of the cave to worship the gods with him. Mankind thinks he has come a long way since those days. Do we still worship the Earth and its elements? Not the way the Old One did, but yes we do. Are we still god hunters? Yes, but now we do it more intelligently. Out of the depths of the darkness of our depraved minds we have created multiple major and minor religious systems with differing world views.
Each religion with a different voice led by multiple Old Ones raising their chaotic voices to the heavens calling forth multiple servants (demons) of the god (satan) of this world.

And so it is that mankind continues daily to strive towards the light, with the darkness never leaving him for it clings to his every step filling his soul with multiple voices living in the shadows, darkening his mind and reasoning abilities.

When you go to your church are you hearing a message based on God’s Word or the words of a man? Are you gaining discernment / understanding of what is coming to our planet very soon?

Are you sure you are SAVED? Do you understand the topics of Hell and Heaven? Is your pastor teaching out of the Old Testament regarding the role of Israel and the nations surrounding it before the Lord Comes the 2nd time. Is your pastor teaching you the Book of Revelation? Do you know how to recognize SATAN’S PUPPET… the False Messiah / Anti-Christ.

If not then your pastor is an OLD ONE, who teaches you to recognize and embrace the False Messiah…….the Anti-Christ. And you will find that JESUS does NOT Attend Your Church and that YOU are NOT READY to Stand Before Your LORD !

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