Listen, can you hear the wind. Its Jesus gently whispering to each of us, to our heart of hearts…always calling …waiting to be heard.

Soon Spring will be here and the trees will have leaves.
And yet again the leaves will be moved by the wind and they will lift up Holy Hands as they pray to the Lord for our Salvation and for US to WAKE UP and understand the times we live in and LOOK UP because JESUS IS COMING .

His Joy is that He finally will come to fulfill His promise to save you from yourself.

My Joy is that He chose to come for me. He comes for all those who take the time to seek the Truth with “all their heart, mind and strength.”

If You Choose to seek Him you will find Him and He will give you faith and strength for this journey called life.

There is no me only Him. I have no will but to do His will only.

I trust not in myself but in His love and care for me according to His Promises in Scripture.

I receive all things from His hand and am glad and rejoice in His mercies that are new every day I live here.

Christ is all around us. If you but look… you will find
Crosses Everywhere.


All GODS Children said AMEN.

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