America claims to be ONE NATION UNDER GOD. Yet we call the 4th of July our Independence Day. When will we realize that we are not INDEPENDENT, but completely DEPENDENT on GOD.

Every Year on the 4th of July we look up to the heavens and ask God to Bless America.There is an old phrase that comes to mind….”God has left the Building”.The cry of many today is where are you God!

So I ask you:

Can we find God in:
Our Elementary Schools
Our High Schools
Our University’s

Can we find God in:
Our Government
Our Court System
Our Military

Can we find God in:
Our entertainment …books, television, movies
Our homes and families
Our businesses

Can we find God in:
Our churches and religious institutions
Are you so sure that God even Attends Your Church?

Can you find God in your own heart?

We sing and cry out “God Bless America”. We think we are the strongest country on the face of the earth. Do you know the story of the Strongest Man to walk this Earth. His name is Samson. God was with Samson and he was a Judge and Protector over Israel for many years. Until Samson stopped living for God first and disobeyed the laws of God immersing himself in a decadent culture. Then Samson’s life fell apart and his strength was gone, and when he tried to defend himself his enemies took him and took out his eyes and put him in prison. God turned His back on Samson. The sad part that Samson had no idea that God was no longer with him.

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands. One Nation UNDER GOD, indivisible with Liberty and Justice For All.

We recite the latter and we cry out “God Bless America”. I am an immigrant and I love this country…but I love GOD More. And I know in my heart that God knows when He is not wanted and I feel that HE HAS LEFT THE BUILDING.

And HE is leaving us now to reap what we have sown as a Country and People.

So America, when you pray “God Bless America”, you need to realize that first we need to pray for “AMERICA TO BLESS GOD”.

HE is on HIS THRONE waiting to hear from us.


  1. I have to believe God is still with America. I know society, government, military, schools and yes families do not all center life in and around God. But there are still many of us sharing His word, acknowledging His power and acting as living reflections of Christ. Many churches continue to openly praise God in communities, bringing in new believers to baptize! Thank you Jesus! God IS still with us. There is still a remnant of believers and as long as we are here God will never leave us. He told us this- “I will never leave you or forsake you.” Christians, keep praying! Ernie you are right, He is on His throne waiting to hear from us! Blessings.

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