Gods Word is simple enough for a child to understand. Yet to adults it seems so very complicated. Why is it so complicated? Why is it so confusing? The Truth can only be one thing…The Truth! There are no shades to the Truth…it is Black and White.

Learned men and women schooled in life with diplomas of importance speak with their own authority about the subject of God. God is not a subject and humanity, without the Revelation of God in His Word has no real knowledge of who God IS.

The words of our political and social leaders and the words from the myriad of differing religious leaders are nothing more than noise if they are not based on the Word of God alone. None of them can truly say they agree with each other, for in reality they form points of view that only agree with themselves.

So the Truth is never heard and the sound of silence is deafening. These opinions do but one thing. They surround the Truth so in essence we cannot see the Truth. It is like the familiar statement that we cannot see the Tree for the Forest. This happens because of our lack of knowledge and most of all discernment.

The Truth remains hidden before are very eyes. We spend our time arguing amongourselves about everything that doesn’t matter. There is no communication, only the battle of individual pride yearning to be recognized. We listen only to ourselves and in the end we will have lived our life for nothing.

We continually, by our own choice, are being bathed in the sound of relentless waves of religious opinions. They are the sound of noise caused by whirlwinds that swirl around us, never letting the sound of Truth; the Words of God penetrate our deaf ears.

Yes the words of men are the sound of silence and their words are deafening.
And so mankind continues to Mock God, because to him the Bible is nothing more than a story, which at best only touches the mind.

God in His wisdom has not left the testimony of Himself with just the words of men. Mankind has been equipped to find the Truth but most have no desire to search for or to know the Truth. God has given mankind the gift of existence and the gift of free will to make choices.

Yet there are other creatures that have been spoken into existence by the mouth of God who were given the gift of existence and of free will. They exist in another dimension, and have lived by sight before the face of God in eternity past. They are eternal creatures that had the choice of accepting or rejecting God…they chose to reject HIM.

For them the Truth remains an elusive echo within their hearts. For them there is no Salvation only Condemnation. They know their fate, and they know the LORD. They tremble at HIS Name, they Fear His Coming…their Destiny is already sealed and they know were they will be spending eternity.

They are the Fallen Angels, who live in the shadows of darkness in our world. God has included their testimony in His Word. It is the testimony of those already condemned. And it substantiates the existence of Jesus the Son of God who existed…before the foundations of the world were made. It is the eyewitness testimony of creatures that have walked with God in eternity past.

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