So much so that he has spent all his energy throughout time to stop the plan of Salvation as described in the Bible…the Word of God.

And so the battlefield continues to be filled with blood and the war rages on both in the realm of humans and the realm of angels. When God formed us from the dust using HIS tears to make the clay, it did not complete us.

Each of us was born alive physically but our Spirit within us was born dead. We each need to find a personal relationship with Jesus. Only in this way can we gain the assurance of our Salvation. Only in this way can we become Born Again by having our Spirit Quickened and brought to life within us.

The only place this journey to Salvation can begin is within the pages of the book that God Himself wrote for you to read about Himself. His Words, the Words of God will grow within your heart and mind and kindle the flame within your Spirit.

This flame ultimately will consume you so that every thought you have about every circumstance in your life, and the world around you will be measured against the Word of God.

You will gain a new perspective about life here. You will realize you don’t belong here at all. Heaven will become precious to you like never before. And most of all you will become more like Christ every day and your heart will become burdened for the lost who need to know JESUS came to save them from themselves.

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