Is it LOVE or WAR…. OR BOTH?


Yes as believers we are called to LOVE. But many of us have forgotten that there is an ETERNAL BATTLE going on.

A Battle on Earth yes, but in two Realms…the Physical and the Spiritual. Wars of words in Our Dimension and Wars of actual battles in the Dimension of Angels.

If your focus is only on love then you will love your loved ones to their Eternal 2nd Death. JESUS calls us to WAR and to be a Witness to His GOSPEL. To fight for HIS TRUTH.

The Truth brings confusion, pain and anguish with it. Because only the TRUTH brings forth a New Birth through Birth Pangs that are horribly painful but a necessary part of the road to Salvation.

So share your LOVE always, but use the Sword of Righteousness that the Lord has given you to combat the Enemy of Our Souls.

Then Pray that the HOLY SPIRIT will honor your love for those you love. Ask HIM to help you plant seeds of Truth that will grow because they are watered by YOUR TEARS of LOVE for those YOU LOVE.

The War has been WON !

Yet there are only a few Battles left to fight. Stay Strong, Stand Alone for JESUS. Praying ALWAYS that HIS WILL BE DONE…to His Praise and Honor Forever and Ever AMEN.


Wake up before it’s too late for those you will Leave Behind; your loved ones who have not come to the CROSS of CHRIST !

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