Do you have a favorite Bible Verse ?

If you were to ask most believers what their favorite Bible verse is they would be able to tell you. However, I seem to be a little strange because when I think of my favorite Bible verse I immediately think of 3 verses, not one.

For me these 3 verses tie together my Journey of Faith. None of the 3 verses stand alone. Each verse needs the other to form the foundation of who I am in Christ.
The 3 verses tie together the entire bible.

The first verse represents the Old Testament. The second verse represents the New Testament. Then there is one in the middle. Kind of sandwiched in between the two bookends.

The first verse is in Genesis 1. It actually is the very opening verse in the Bible.
“In the Beginning GOD… created the Heavens and the Earth”.

The second verse is “Even so COME Lord Jesus”. This is the last verse in the Book of Revelation, which closes the Bible.

Those are the two bookends I love to think about. The fact that God made everything and that The Son of God is coming at the End of time.

Then as far as what I have to think about in the middle it is this…”Today is the Day of Salvation”. We do not have tomorrow, or yesterday, all we have is today!

Salvation is given only to those who diligently SEEK HIM. Yet, when we through His Grace and Mercy, accept Jesus as our Savior, it comes with a cost.

That cost is to Stand Alone for HIM in a crowd and speak the Truth. You literally become a light in the darkness that surrounds you. The crowd can be your family, your friends, your co-workers, or neighbors. We speak in love; because we know where they will go without accepting Christ as Savior. Our compassion for the Lost grows daily as we continue to live our lives before the FACE of GOD.

Every person lives eternally. But the Bible is clear that you either have Eternal Life or Eternal Death. So let your New Year’s Resolution be to continually reach out to those everywhere within the sound of your voice and the touch of your hands. Tell them Jesus came to save them from themselves.

Because Today is the Day of Salvation

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