Easter + Passover = 1

When both Jews and Christians become One Family in Yeshua/Jesus, they will finally understand that Easter and Passover say the same thing.

The Historical Christian Holiday of Easter has its Roots in the Historical Jewish Passover. The difference between them is that Easter Celebrates the Historical Events of the Death, Resurrection, Ascension while Passover contains the same events hidden within the Passover Meal. Much like Jesus is Hidden in the Old Testament and Revealed in the New Testament. The Rabbis chose 4 questions to build the Passover Meal around. The only question that has any merit is the first. Why is this Night Different from every other night? I have a message that I gave to Churches called “MESSIAH in the PASSOVER”.

I chose and explain 6 different questions that the Rabbi’s should be asking, but they cannot because they are BLIND, DEAF and DUMB to the Truth.

The following is an excerpt from the message:
YES, Why is this night different from every other night? To me this is the only question worth answering during the Passover Meal because when answered correctly with the TRUTH, it will bring eternal life to the one who SEEKS the answer.

The 4 questions were chosen by the rabbis but there were many other questions that could have easily been chosen. Why does the Matzot Bag have 3 compartments for 3 Matzot? Why do we break the Middle Matzot in half? Why do we wrap half the Middle Matzot in a cloth and hide it? Why is the word Afikoman the only word in the entire Jewish Haggadah a Greek word that means …He HAS Come? Why do the children at the end of the Passover Meal search for the broken piece of Matzot that was wrapped in the cloth and then Hidden? Why does the father of the house redeem the lost Matzot with money?

The Rabbis have no answers for these questions…but God does. To answer these questions would be to admit that God ordained the Passover Meal to remind Jews of their coming Messiah…for Jesus IS hidden within the service; just like He is in the Old Testament.

To see Him clearly in the Old Testament and in the Passover Services you must be born again by the Holy Spirit. Then you will see with the eyes of your heart that has been turned from stone to living flesh. So follow me closely with your spiritual eyes as we answer not the questions of the Rabbi’s but the questions of remembrance of this Born Again Jew.

If you would like a copy of the MESSIAH in the PASSOVER pdf, please message me your email address and I will send it to you.

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