The Door… To Your Heart.


If you spend any time at all in the Book of Psalms you quickly understand that fearing God is the beginning of all wisdom and knowledge. When you come to Love God, you understand that the word fear means to know that He is Holy and you are not. You also understand that wisdom can only come from pain.

Humility and humbleness and wisdom and knowledge of God are developed when you are placed before the door labeled “loss, grief, pain, suffering…”. You go in alone and while there come to an end of yourself. Then you can understand what Jesus meant when He said “take up your Cross and follow Me”.

Only when you seek God with all your burdened heart, will you find Him. God has always been near you, waiting patiently to be invited through the open door of your heart.

Jesus knocks on that door every day, hour, and minute of your life. The door was made especially for you. It cannot be opened from the outside for the handle to open it is on the inside.

It was made that way on purpose because God gave you freedom to choose HIM or not. He can’t open the door…only you can open the door to your heart…and let HIM in.

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