Questions…YOUR Answers?


Is your heart towards God soft or hard, do your eyes see Him all around you? When you’re still but the noise around you is deafening…can you hear Him whisper your name?

I wonder occasionally about who is more fortunate those who have all five senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight), or those who are impaired? What about those who are handicapped either mentally or physically versus those who remain healthy and mentally whole?

What about those who face debilitating illnesses like cancer or have been told they have days or months to live? Is it better to know the time of your appointment with death, or would you rather not know of that day and hour?

Through the years God has brought many people into my life to share my God Story with. I have found that people who have all their sense’s that are healthy and have sharp minds, are the ones with the hardest hearts. They have no humility, nor humbleness, no fear of God; in fact many mock God rather than thank God for their next breath of life.

The day will come for all of us when we desperately will gasp for that last breath of air. At that moment of your life…God will finally have your attention.

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