Holy of Holy’s

The Temple Veil

In the Temple Building the High Priest was able to go through the veil one day a year and stand before the Mercy Seat to offer a Sacrifice on behalf of the Nation of Israel in Atonement for the Sins of the Nation. It took many priests on either side pulling this magnificent Tapestry apart to allow one priest, once a year to gain entrance to stand before God with the blood offering.

It was this Veil, this curtain that blocked the entrance into the Holy of Holy’s that God Himself tore apart with His finger opening it wide for all to come in. God tore open the Veil at the exact moment His Son Jesus gave up His life on the Cross.

Then in 70 AD God allowed the Temple to be destroyed sending another message to all people throughout time.

The Jewish sacrificial system was now finished, forever. Jesus had died as the unblemished Lamb of God to take away the sins of all who turn to His Cross and Believe in HIM. He died once for all sins, past, present and future.

Yet the Nation of Israel, that had visibly seen the miracles of God; continue to this day to have another veil blocking them from coming to God.

This veil is in front of their eyes and minds and their hearts that are currently made of Stone.

Even though God tore the veil of the Temple to the Holy of Holy’s open, there remains to this day a veil over the eyes of the Jewish people. ( Isaiah 6: 9-13 )

That veil is just as large and just as strong, just as insurmountable as the first veil was in the Holy of Holies. It took God to open that veil and it takes God to open the veil over the eyes, hearts and minds of Jews who do not know the Son of God, Jesus as their Savior, their Messiah and Lord.

When we think of the tearing of the veil in the Jerusalem Temple we need to think of the body of Christ, which was torn open by the spear.

I keep trying to look at the events of Scripture through Jewish eyes because the events happened in Jewish context. I found something interesting. It opens yet another way to look at the event of the tearing of the veil when Jesus died on the Cross.

“And Jesus uttered a loud cry and breathed His last. And the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.”
(Mark 15:37-38).

“It is as if God in person acts as any devoted Jewish father would have done standing by His own Son’s deathbed…
He rent ( tore open) His garments.

The customary Jewish mourning gesture of a father was to tear his outer garment.” Anonymous.

You know, the more I read Scripture, the more the Holy Spirit helps me to find deeper Truth. No one could have written our Bible but God.

Weaving a tapestry, a Love story so layered, interwoven and deep that it rewards us with Gold Nuggets in the most unforeseen places
if we but look.

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