Who cries for the Jew, not the church……but GOD CRIES!

Why did Jesus weep in Luke 19: 41 – 44? He wept for Jerusalem and the Jews and said it was, “Because you did not recognize the time of your visitation”.

How many of you remember the Promise Keepers “Stand in the Gap” event in Washington D.C.?

That event represented a turning point in my life. I was in awe looking out into a veritable sea of people and faces. The Grace of God, shown in the diversity of HIS people, reminded me that ultimately we will share heaven with representatives of every tribe and nation on the face of the earth.

We stood together, over a million strong, people of every race. They were dressed in poor dirty clothes to expensive clothes. There were young boys with strong bodies and old men who needed help to walk. There were men worshiping like the frozen chosen and there were some dancing before the Lord with abandon like King David must have.

The man next to me humbled me the most. He was dressed simply and had hair down his back to his waist and wore no shoes or socks. When I asked about his appearance he referred to the Old Testament book of Numbers 6: 2- 5 and said he had taken the Nazarite Vow and that such an assembly of believing men, were surely standing on HOLY GROUND…..that’s why he was barefoot and for the entire day never got off his knees.

How awesome the Love of God is for mankind. Gods promise, beginning with the Abrahamic Covenant to bless all nations was well on its way. But this Covenant promise of salvation for the nations of the world through the Jew was interrupted. Let me explain with an example.

One of the ceremonies at Stand in the Gap was to bring cultural representatives onto the stage to speak for their group. This was a true mission’s event because God has a remnant of believers in every race. Even Native Americans were there in full feathered regalia praising and thanking the Lord for HIS goodness, grace and mercy to their unique group of believers.

But, when a Messianic Jewish Rabbi came on the stage and fell on his face prostrate before the Lord, my heart broke. Then from his knees the born again Rabbi cried out and begged The Lord to forgive the Jewish Nation for turning away from not only the One True God, as represented by the Trinity, but also for the failed mission given by God to the Jews to be HIS light of salvation to the nations of the world.

The life of the nation of Israel can truly be summed up by the phrase “IF ONLY”. There have been hundreds of “if only” moments in her disobedience to God throughout history. But the one that took the Jews off the mission field was when they did not recognize their Messiah Yeshua / Jesus. How different things might have been in our world today.

Jews were not the chosen people because they were more special than any other group, Deuteronomy 7: 6. God chose them for the purpose of being a light for HIM in a dark world. Through the Jew the light of the one true God was to shine over the entire world. But they failed their mission assignment of evangelism to the world.

And as a result the flame of world evangelism turned into an ember awaiting the breath of GOD to ignite it again through a man named Paul (a Jewish Apostle). Through Paul God appointed the Ecklesia, the Church, the new “chosen ones”, to be the light to a dark world.

But to the Jew First!

Unlike the rest of the world whom Satan (the ruler of this world) has blinded. GOD HIMSELF chose to blind the Jew’s in Isaiah 6: 9.

Who then has God appointed to bring HIS message of Salvation to the Jews……Who will God use to bring HIS people to CHRIST?

Its all of you, the born again representatives of the Christian Church.

Why does the Christian Church abandon its Jewish Roots and its command in Romans 1: 16 to witness to the Jew first?

Why has the Christian Church ignored Romans 11: 11, to make the Jew’s jealous for their Messiah?

It will take more than the 1million Messianic Jews in the United States to bring their 5 million brothers and sisters to Yeshua. Jewish believers in Christ are looked on as Apostate Jews and have many hurdles to overcome when witnessing to felllow Jews.

But not the Gentile Church that has been grafted into the true vine of the Messiah! Those hurdles vanish when in obedience to the Lords command, a Christian believer witnesses to a Jewish friend, relative or neighbor.

It is the Christian Church that the Holy Spirit would use to bring the Remnant of Pre-Destined Jews to faith in The Lord, if they but choose to share HIS GOSPEL.

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