I’ll let you in on a personal secret. When the communion cup is passed to me I always look for the cup with the most bubbles in it. To my mind every bubble represents billions of believers throughout time. The bubbles remind me that I must do the best I can to live up to the faith that has been passed on to me by them. That they died for the cause of Christ and I must live for the cause of Christ.

You know this life is described in the Bible as a race that we are too run in and win. The difference is that this is a race of winners. We all are running together. As the one in front dies and immediately goes on to be with The Lord, their hand reaches back into time to pass the torch of Faith to the one who follows behind them. To the one in whom they put their time, effort and life into…the one they have been called to disciple.

My prayer for me comes from a lyric in a Steve Green song…”May those who come behind me, find me faithful”.

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