Testimony of FAITH in JESUS

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In God’s timing Christ came to die as the sacrificed Lamb of God and the Church, the Called Out ones were born. Gentile men and women whose hearts were circumcised being born again by faith in Jesus the Christ, The Messiah of Israel.

So you see the Jewish people are not God’s only chosen ones. I say to you again that the Hebrew word for chosen, bachar, reflects the New Testament concept of election. The Church of Jesus Christ is the elect of God (2 Timothy 2:10). If you have received Him as your Messiah and Savior, that means that God chose you too!

Please listen carefully to what I am about to say, I do not want you to misunderstand who is True Israel. I have heard Pastors teach that God is now finished with the Nation of Israel and that the Gentile Church is the new Israel to whom Gods promises now belong.

It is true that the Bible teaches that a true Jew is one whose heart is circumcised.

It is true that Christ has said that in HIM there is neither Jew nor Gentile; because God grafted both branches of His children into the one root of Jesus, The Jewish Messiah on the cross 2000 years ago.

But, does that mean that the Church has replaced the Nation of Israel and has become the NEW Israel. NO, the Church is NOT the new Israel.

The Church is a NEW CREATION, in which redeemed Jews and redeemed Gentiles have mutual fellowship and union with God, through the Messiah, Jesus The Christ….Gods Son.

The signs of Jesus Christs coming the second time are linked to the land of Israel, the City of Jerusalem and its people known as the Jews.

You always need to remember this:

No other nation on earth has been destroyed and scattered to the four corners of the globe, and then re-gathered as the focus of world attention.

No other nation declares by its reemergence in time, that there is a God who deserves to be feared and loved and obeyed.

No other nation exists as a declaration to the world that in the records of her history, we find our roots and in the predictions of her prophets we find our future.

If you know Jesus as Savior and Lord, then all His promises belong to you
as a believer, including the rich heritage of the Old Testament.

Just as the New Testament has completed me as a Jewish Believer in Christ. The Old Testament will strengthen your faith in Jesus, when you see HIM before the Manger.

It is only from the perspective you gain by studying Genesis thru Revelation that you will see that History is truly HIS – STORY.

How humbling it is when you consider that He knew you before you were conceived, that He chose you before He planned creation, that He wrote your name in the Lambs Book of Life and that He allowed me, Ernie to be a part of HIS – STORY.

We all have Born Again stories to tell. Open your heart and your mouth and you will be amazed at how the HOLY SPIRIT will use you to Honor JESUS.

Both Mp3 Audio files below contain my testimony, but have additional Bible Study Information. One specific to Christians the other specific to Jewish Non-Believers.

Full Audio Message “Shalom My Christian Friend”
<a href=”https://crosseseverywhere.files.wordpress.com/…/01-hum-001.m…“>Click to download mp3</a>

Full Audio Message “Shalom My Jewish Friend”
<a href=”https://crosseseverywhere.files.wordpress.com/…/01-track-01-…“>Click to download mp3</a>

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