Lord God Reigns

The Day the Earth Will Stand Still

Holy, Holy, Holy are you Lord. Let the nations tremble as you
Reign upon your throne, let them praise your mighty name and
worship you alone.

Mighty King of Righteousness, your justice falls down from the skies.
All the priests who call your name, you have answered from on High.

The Lord God Reigns He is Robed in Majesty. The Lord is Robed in Majesty
and is Armed in Strength. His Word is Established and cannot be moved.

His Throne was established long ago. He is from Before Eternity. The Seas
have lifted up Oh Lord, the Seas have lifted up their voice Oh Lord and the
mountains have Bowed down to your Glorious Name.

The Lord God reigns, He is Robed in Majesty. Your laws will stand firm Oh Lord. Holiness adorns your throne. For endless days Oh My King we will worship you alone.

We will worship you alone.

The Lord God Reigns, He is Robed in Majesty.


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