The Called Out Ones

Of late I have had the distinct dis-pleasure of meeting fellow Christians who stated that ONLY their denomination had the correct interpretation of the Bible.

They made it clear to me what they believed and that they were right and the rest of the denominations were wrong.

They stated clearly what parts of the Bible they accepted.

I thought the Bible was;  ALL Gods Word or not Gods Word at all!

Having gone through this recently reminded me of the last time people wanted me to join their denomination; their version of Christianity. Many years earlier I had just come to faith in Christ out of Orthodox Judaism. I had become a completed Jew…a new Jewish believer in the Messiah of Israel, Jesus the Christ.

Many people over the course of the 3 years of my seeking God had put their witnessing efforts into me. They were Baptists, Presbyterians, Lutherans and Catholics. Each of them we’re overjoyed about my Salvation faith in Adonai Echad…the ONE Lord…Yeshua.

But each of them wanted to know what I was. I said I did not understand their question. What they wanted to know is which denomination I was going to join and worship within.

I asked why that was important. Simply put each felt their denomination had captured the essence of Gods Truth. For me to grow in Christ, to learn the Bible correctly I had to join their particular denomination.

I found each of these people to be arrogant and filled with pride. The extreme of the latter was told me by my dear Catholic friend.

“Ernie, you must come over to the ONE True Faith of Catholicism”. Why I said? He said, “ all Catholics were going to heaven and all Protestants were going to hell according to the Pope.”

To which I said to my Catholic friend and then later to each of my friends in other denominations…”I was raised a Jew and I was part of a group who thought they knew the One true God. I did not come to Christ to join one of the many new clubs that felt they had the truth”.

I came only to the Cross, to the one who came to die for me. Jesus, the Son of God, Emmanuel “God with us”…The Lord God Almighty.

Jesus the Good Shepherd who laid down His life for His Sheep; has gathered His sheep out of many nations throughout time. His sheep know His voice.

His Kingdom unfolds by His plan; it is unhindered by the quarrels of man. His Church is upheld by His hand alone. The word of God has never changed. It is the same today as it was when it was originally written. Our faith is not subject to the seasons of change that each new generation brings. For God has built His Church on the unchanging rock foundation of Christ as told only in the Word of God.

There is but ONE Faith, ONE Hope and One Baptism. One God and Father of All. There is ONE True Church, One life in the Spirit, now given freely for ALL.

Now when I am asked about which denomination I belong to I say the original. The One True Church made up of Born Again Christians and Born Again Jews. My worship and my allegiance is to the One Founder of the One True Faith…Messiah Yeshua, Jesus The Christ, the Son of God.

The door to Heaven opened at the Cross and has remained open for 2,000 years…Faith alone by Grace alone in Christ Alone.

Each of us together belong to an Ancient Faith. Together we are the called out ones…the Church…the Ecclesia.

I hope the walls that separate us will come down some time in the future. I hope we will focus on sound doctrine. I hope every Church that claims Christ will preach not only about His Love, but also about His Coming in Judgment. I hope we stop arguing about who among us is right. So once and for all we can act like family…for that is what we are…Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Focusing on our differences and defending our points of view especially when we cannot support them by the Word of God… is wrong!

The ONLY  right is what should unify us…HIS CROSS!  The great commission is not to go out to the world and argue. We are called to go out to the world with the Gospel of Salvation in Christ alone.

The Apostle Paul set the pattern for witnessing 2,000 years ago…Preach the CROSS and His Resurrection and preach the future hope we have as believers that is established solidly in the Fact that He IS Coming Again Soon for HIS Ecclesia (called out ones), His Church.


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