Earth Dweller or BORN AGAIN Citizen of HEAVEN ?

Are YOU an Earth Dweller or a Born Again Citizen of Heaven?

For Group 1 people the doors of this life are open. They have no barriers to fulfilling their desires. Their lives are focused on themselves. For them life is good as they traffic in the ways of this modern society. They give no thought beyond this life which is currently contained in their ever decaying bodies. They have become rich in the worlds goods, they prosper making this life, as Joel Osteen’s best-selling book title exclaims…“YOUR BEST LIFE NOW”.

Joel Osteen is a “white washed tomb filled with dead men’s bones” and does not speak for the same Lord I know and love. Jesus made it clear that… “This is NOT your best life now !

Group 2 people are made up of the meek, the weak, the impaired, the disabled, the handicapped, and the diseased. They are the broken ones He came to repair. They are the ones that cry out for help, because they cannot help themselves.

For them the doors of this life are closed. Their desires are blocked by barriers they cannot overcome. Their lives are dependent on you and on the outstretched hand of kindness you might give them.

They are referred to by God as “the least of these”. Their hearts are soft and their minds are open to God’s Truth. The lives they live before us, struggling with the burdens they must carry are an example to each of us. In their weakness they have become strong because they rely not on themselves, not on you, but on God to provide for them.

They’re hope is placed in the future, not in today. They look to the One who has the future in HIS Hands. They understand what it is to take up their Cross and follow HIM.

It is difficult to reach group 1 people with the message of God’s Truth. They have all they need and are blinded to what’s coming in the future both physically and eternally.

Presenting God’s Truth to group 2 people is a joy. They have nothing. They realize because of the burdens they bear in this life, that their hope is in the life to come. They drink deeply from the well of Gods Truth and look forward to God’s promise to wipe away every tear from their eyes.

So which group do you belong to?

Are you made in the image of yourself, prospering through this life physically alive for a short time, but not realizing you will be forever alone, without God, spiritually dead for eternity?

Or have you realized that your now broken body was made in the Image of God. And that this life you live physically for a short time is not your real life. But that your real life will begin when you are spiritually Born Again and you will be in the presence of God, spiritually alive for eternity.

I have said many times in the past that the Word of God is just that…the Word of God. That He has substantiated this as FACT through His use of Prophecy. No other religious system, or holy book based on the words of men has dared to use Prophecy (foretelling future events) to prove its truth.

All Religions and their lies are grinded into the dust under the weight of Gods Truth substantiated by His Rock Foundation of Pre-Written HIS-story known as Prophecy.

ALL Prophecy is about the 2nd Coming of JESUS to rescue the New Born-Again Citizens of HIS HEAVEN.

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