Who is a True Jew?

2000 years ago in Jerusalem Jesus the Messiah, the Anointed ONE of GOD came and died for you and I …personally. Never misunderstand the Cross, it was the plan of God to sacrifice His Only begotten SON, so JESUS could come to save you from yourself and bring you home to heaven with HIM.

A true Jew is one whose HEART is circumcised, not the flesh of the body. The name Jew is derived from the word Judah that refers to people who Praise GOD. If you know Jesus as Lord and Savior then your heart has been circumcised and now pumps ROYAL BLOOD; and you are a child of God who praises GOD.

God has chosen and elected you to be a love gift to His Son Jesus.
You are part of the family of God and you belong to the KING of KINGS, the KING of men, and the KING of angels…to JESUS the CHRlST of His Church…The MESSIAH of Israel…The LION of the Tribe of Judah…EMANUEL… GOD With US.

When Jesus ROARED from the Cross “It is Finished” the veil tore open and the earth shook and the dead came out of their graves.

JESUS is the ONE who CAME, and the ONE Coming AGAIN SOON.

HE…chose me before the worlds were formed.

HE…chose the Nails because He loves me.

HE…knows my name

HE…will not leave me behind.

HE…is coming back for me

He…is coming back for YOU…If HE is Your LORD.



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