I wanted to let all of you know how VERY SAD I am that you are not as blessed as me. You see you were given a very special image to reflect as you walk this earth. You were made to reflect the Image of God because He made you in His Image. The problem is that you just do not understand who the one that created you really is. That’s obvious from the way you live your life. The problem is that you have a choice to make that does not apply to me, because I was born already chosen from birth.

Just like your ancestor’s populated the Earth from its beginning within the Garden of Eden so have my ancestors been there within the Garden of Eden with yours. God blessed each of us with 5 sense so we could enjoy the world that He created for us. I can see, (Better than You), I can smell (Better than You), I can taste (Better than You), I can hear (Better than You), but you can touch (Better than me).

I DO have a 6th Sense TOO, but some people don’t believe it. I have a SOUL and a personality just like you.

God created you with the ability to love , but since the Fall of Eden your love is now conditional. However my love has never changed since the Garden of Eden. My love is still innocent and UN-Conditional.

Since the Fall you have lost your way to heaven, but God in His Mercy to you has explained your problem within the Bible that He wrote especially for you to read and understand and then make the right decision.

You see your at a CROSS ROAD at a DEAD END Street going nowhere. You must Turn to the Left or the Right to continue your journey. The problem you have is that without understanding the directions God has given you in His Word you WILL, I guarantee it; make the wrong turn and not take the Narrow Road to Heaven.

I on the other PAW, have no choice to make at all. God in His Mercy to Me and my KIND provided us with Salvation and Instant Heaven when we die.

I am writing this to you to let you know that I AM always praying for you with all of my friends; that you would stop thinking about yourself all the time and begin seriously thinking about the GOD who created both of us; before its too late for you.

Me and my Kind want you to know that we love all of you very much and hope to see all of you in Heaven with US.

Love in Christ Our Great King.

Chloe your Boston Terrier Friend.

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