Greatest Story Ever Told

There is an old rabbinic saying that God made man because God loves stories. There is no greater story than the “Greatest Story Ever Told” contained in the Scriptures, the Holy Bible. It is not fiction. It is the autobiography of God.

I am a born-again Messianic Jew who understands the ground is level at the foot of the Cross. For in His sight there is neither Jew nor Gentile — just Believers.

I was raised to think — I was raised to evaluate — I was raised to stand alone for my convictions. I was taught to drink deeply from the well of knowledge that God has provided in His Inerrant Word.

What higher pursuit can we have if not to understand the Word of God given to us by the God who created us? Can anyone know us better? You were created an immortal, eternal being — you will never go out of existence — you will always and forever be you. Do you not want to learn about where you will spend eternity the split second after you die?

My life, your life is about His Cross that was planted into the Judean dirt 2,000 years ago. Jesus, the Messiah of the world came as promised at the appointed time to fulfill the pre-written history in the Old Testament Messianic Prophecies. He came to exchange His life for yours so you could find your way home to Heaven to live forever with Him.

My passion, my joy and my greatest sorrow has been trying to convince people who do not have a Biblical Worldview that they are Sinners in danger of Gods Wrath and Judgment and that they are in need of a Savior.

Scripture says, “Jesus wept” over you. My own heart had grown cold until I asked God to give me the gift of grieving and to awaken in me the compassion to weep for my Orthodox Jewish Family of Non-Believers and the people of the world.

Quiet your heart begin to read the Old and New Testaments. As you begin you will hear the leaves of the trees clapping for joy as He approaches you? Be still and you will hear Him whisper your name as He comes to meet with you on the wings of the wind at dawns first light.

It is my prayer that you will begin your journey to Faith that will change your heart, and the hearts of those you love. That like me, you will gain the assurance of your Salvation.

To know in your heart of hearts beyond a shadow of doubt, that you know Jesus as your Savior. That you will finally understand that your name, which has been pre-written in eternity past into Gods book of Life has now been transcribed into the Lambs Book of Life by your acceptance of Christ’s death on the Cross for your sins.

His Joy is that He finally will come to fulfill His promise to save you from yourself.

My Joy is that He chose to come for me. He comes for all those who take the time to seek the Truth with “all our heart, mind and strength.” For if you choose to seek Him you will find Him and He will give you faith and strength for this journey called life.

“There is no me only Him. I have no will but to do His will only. I trust not in myself but in His Love and care for me.

I receive all things from His hand and am glad and rejoice in His mercies that are new every day I live here”.

Christ is all around us. If you but look — you will find Crosses Everywhere.

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