Jesus Christ ALONE is the HOPE of this World.

God has abandoned this planet to the consequences of its SIN’S. God has also abandoned ALL NATIONS on the face of the earth including ours and the nation of Israel to the consequences of its sins.

BUT, GOD has not abandoned His Children that BELIEVE in HIM through HIS SON JESUS ! ! !

We have been living in the end times since the Death and Resurrection of Jesus the Messiah, the Christ 2,000 years ago. Back then Jesus told us about both the coming judgment of people who do not know HIM as Savior and the end of the earth as we know it and the creation of a new Eternal Earth where sin is no more.

A new earth made up of every nation, tribe and tongue…All ruled by the God who created them. It will not be a democracy. It will be a Theocracy as it was originally intended to be in the Beginning.

When Jesus spoke, it was the beginning of the end times. The difference is that we are now at the end of the end times. Look around you, read the papers, listen to the empty talking heads on the Television or Radio news or the country’s leadership in Hollywood.

Man thought he was ascending the evolutionary ladder, when in fact man has been descending on his way back to the dust God created him from since his fall in the Garden of Eden.

Yet, God is still on HIS THRONE and God is in control, He alone allows people into power to bring to pass the events He has shown us in His Pre-Written History called Prophecy.

The end of the story as I have written about before is both Bitter and Sweet. The question is whether your story will continue to be sweet or forever bitter.

The first person that should be important to you is you. It all begins with you and your realizing you need a Savior who will stand with you before Almighty God and tell God that you are one of HIS … not one of satans.

When you are saved the next focus of your attention should be your family, those you love who are not saved. Those you love that you want to be in heaven with you. Those you love that will always remember you in hell, but you by the Grace of God will forget forever.

As the sun continues to rise in the Eastern sky its light begins to illuminate the road around me. To my right reaching up to the sky are multiple telephone poles with lines bearing the communications of mankind to each other. To me I only see a road full of Crosses. Just like the one that held the body of my Lord in Jerusalem.

Paintings throughout history depict the Crucifixion showing only three crosses with the Cross of Christ higher than the other two.

His Cross was the same size as all the others. He died as a man to identify with our sins. You would not have been able to pick HIM out of the crowd of the dead that lined the road full of crosses that day.

The Bible says that Jesus is Gods Son and bears the express image of God. If you know Him you can know God. Yet God imparted His image into each of us…we are all made in the image of God. And just like Jesus each of us has a Cross to bear in this life…a cross of sin.

But if you know Jesus as Savior it is He who carries both you and your cross through this life on earth on the Narrow Road Up To HEAVEN.

You know the account of the Cross with Jesus in the middle between two thieves. Which thief are you, whose Cross are you nailed too, the one who turned away from the Lord or the one who turned to HIM for Salvation?

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