Is Your Witness ECLIPSED by Darkness?


Its 5:30 am and pitch black outside but soon there will be rays of light and the sun will shine and once again ONLY because of the promises of God, another day will begin.

It’s interesting how you can light one candle in the darkness and the darkness flees from the light, such is the power of light. Jesus claimed to be the truth, the light of the world. The world has seen a great light, but it seems that since His coming 2,000 years ago His light has diminished and the darkness is growing.

The more familiar you are with the Greatest Story Ever Told, the more you understand the times we live in …that they are called the End – Times by Jesus.

What has changed in our world is that the darkness is now growing, while the light recedes and the minds of men grow dim.

The Lord has asked us to witness because the fields of harvest are ripe. There is an urgency to do so because “Soon the night will come” and the light and the Truth will not be found.

This darkness that is all around is not physical but Spiritual. We are experiencing the Dawn of the Darkness of Sin…producing a temporary eclipse of the SON.

Not physical Darkness you can see, but darkness of the soul and mind causing us to see life through a mirror dimly. Just like God has said, we are seeing everything that is wrong becoming right and what is right becoming wrong.

Darkness fills our time and we wait for the day when time is no more and the Dawn of Eternity breaks…so you and I wait for OUR Coming KING.

We wait in FAITH…. because we believe that the Bible is True.

The evidence is overwhelming regarding Jesus, His life, death and resurrection. If people just took the time to explore Scripture they would find themselves neck deep in proof. It is impossible to mine the depths of the Word of God. But when you dig deep with your spade into the Judean dirt you will strike nuggets of gold.

How do we know the Bible is Gods Word to us? Because it is mankind’s Pre-Written History and the Autobiography of GOD.

The Bible you own is ONE Book. With ONE HERO…. JESUS, with ONE villain…. satan, with ONE THEME…. SALVATION and ONE PURPOSE….To GLORIFY GOD.

Max Lucado wrote,

“I have heard it said that…
It wasn’t enough for HIM to appear in a bush or dwell in the temple.
It wasn’t enough for HIM to become human flesh and walk on the Earth.
It wasn’t enough to leave HIS word and the promise of HIS return.
HE had to go further. HE had to take up residence IN US.

Perhaps you didn’t know God would go that far to make sure you got home.”

Man says, look inside yourself and find self.
God says, look inside yourself and find God.

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